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Hair Building Fiber Supplements & Nutrition in Pakistan

Hair fall is a common problem for many of the people around the globe. These days there are many expensive brands that didn’t help your hair fall problem. Hair building fibers are designed so that they help to build your hair, make them stronger and silky. Hair building fibers are basically keratin fibers which are made up from special antimicrobial process.

  Common mistakes people do while applying hair building fibers:

  • Take care of the quantity; don’t apply all in one that can damage your remaining hair.
  • Apply gently and firmly with your hands to distribute firmly.
  • Your hairs must be half inch long so that these fibers can be effective.

  Some features of hair building fibers:

  • Hair building fibers have ability to strengthen your hair.
  • Your hair becomes silkier and softer with the use of these hair building fibers.
  • These products can enhance the beauty of your hair.
  • These fibers are designed so that you can easily use them.

Below we have some hair building fibers. We offer free delivery and money back guarantee on all of our products in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and all over in Pakistan.

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Toppik 25 Gram

Toppik 25 Gram

Model: : Toppik 25g
Average Rating: : Not Rated Price:
Rs 4,600


Model: : Caboki
Average Rating: : Not Rated Price:
Rs 4,000
DermMatch 6 Months

DermMatch 6 Months

Model: : DermMatch
Average Rating: : Not Rated Price:
Rs 6,450